BGM with Insulin Coaching


The Jazz DoseCoach is a blood glucose monitor (BGM) that provides basal insulin dose recommendations.

For patients taking long-acting (basal) insulin, the process of finding the correct dose is slow and often not linear. They need to slowly and methodically increase their dose until they reach a level of stability. They need to consider factors such as their fasting blood glucose, incidents of low blood glucose, and when they last increased their dose. In some cases, they may need to maintain their current dose or temporarily decrease their dose. This process can be overwhelming and patients frequently stop before reaching their optimal dose.

The Jazz DoseCoach takes all of these factors into consideration and does the calculations for the patient. It asks a series of simple questions and provides a suggestion for the next dose, including the reasoning behind the suggestion. The user can either accept the suggestion or manually enter a different dose.

My Role

As the UX designer for this project, I was responsible for the user experience and interface design for the meter, from initial sketches to final assets. I worked closely with the project team to refine the dose recommendation algorithm and translate it into a user-friendly set of questions.


Complex algorithm: One challenge for this project was that the underlying algorithm driving the insulin dose recommendation had a lot of complexity. The meter needed to collect a significant amount of information from the user before providing a dose suggestion. We spent a long time trying to minimize the number of questions and clarifying the wording of the remaining questions to improve the user experience.

Full-color LCD: Using a full-color LCD provides a lot of design freedom, but it also requires a lot of design choices. I needed to be intentional with where and how I used color while considering factors like contrast and color vision deficiency.

Localization: This meter was intended for a global audience and therefore needed to support a variety of languages. I had to design elements to accommodate shorter and longer languages while minimizing the amount of scrolling required.