BGM with Wireless Syncing


The AgaMatrix Jazz Wireless 2 is a Bluetooth® enabled blood glucose monitor that automatically syncs with the AgaMatrix Diabetes Manager app.

The meter has a single button used to scroll through past readings and pair the meter with a smartphone. If the meter is paired with the supporting app, glucose results transfer automatically.

My role in the project

For this project, I was involved from the beginning to the end for both the meter and the supporting app. That includes initial brainstorming, early sketches, design refinement, final asset creation, testing, and marketing materials.

UI Design

I designed the interface while working with two main constraints: the meter’s small screen and single button.


I built a prototype (HTML/CSS/JS) that was used for usability testing before committing to a final design.

Product Renders

I used Blender to create photorealistic renders of the meter for use on product packaging and marketing collateral.