Up first, the trusty
bar chart

Sometimes it's hip to be square(ish). The regal bar chart may be king of the chart world, but watch out for these little buggers. If you're not careful they'll go horizontal on you.

Next we have the tasty
pie chart

You can slice these bad boys up all you want but they're still 100% round.

Not a fan of pie?

Sink your teeth into a
donut chart

In the chart world, remove the middle of a pie and you get a donut. In the real world, you just end up with a mess.

Gimme back my pie

scatter plot

Data gone wild.

Some data points are too cool to be trendy. Let your hipster data run free with a little controlled chaos.

Get connected with a
line graph

The scattered life may be fun, but eventually it's time for data to grow up, settle down, and get in line.

venn diagram

When circles unite, miracles happen.

Stop thinking outside the box and start thinking inside the circles. Solutions to the world's biggest problems lie in the overlap.

OMG it's a
bubble chart

Bubbles are fun. Ask any 4-year-old. These charts are no exception. Big circles next to little circles...what's not to love?

And finally, the dignified
box plot

which no one cares about.

The End.